About Access control

Access control system can create a safer environment for your business. They will protect your business whilst controlling and recording the movement of staff and visitors across single or multiple sites. We offer a wide range of solutions that include simple single...

How can you protect your children online

The Internet can be a great place for kids to learn, be entertained, and to communicate with others. However, it also can be potentially dangerous. It’s unrealistic in our technology-driven world to isolate yourself, not get a phone or computer, or pretend you can...

How can you monitor their activity

Internet users can cover their tracks by clearing the browser history, unless you have certain security measures. Our system stores your home network’s browsing history for you, where it cannot be altered. This gives you the ability to review internet history, even if...

How can you block certain sites?

We offer services which allow for certain websites to be blocked, or have access restricted too, for all your separate devices. You can add tailor made filters to suit your specific needs. You can even block whole categories of websites, so for example, you could...

How can you manage screen time?

Tailor how much internet access you allow, and when. Block off everything for kids doing homework, or at dinner time. Or you could go one step further and only allow access to certain, pre-approved sites. You can take total control of the internet completely, and...

How do Broadband Phones work?

A broadband phone connects your broadband line to a VOIP handset, or piece of software. Our residential VoIP service is simple, both to set up and use. We can either supply a phone or you can use a soft phone. A soft phone is a piece of software which you download and...

Why Choose Us?

Because we understand. We understand your needs, your concerns and your frustrations. We started Tatton Tech because we were facing the same issues: slow broadband, apathy from the large companies and poor customer service.

It wasn't good enough for us and it isn't good enough for you. So, if you are looking for a broadband provider that does more - by doing what it promises - then get in touch.


Superfast Home Broadband For All Areas

We provide superfast broadband to your home no matter how rural or hard to reach you are. Secure, consistent and reliable it goes where you need it and we guarantee fast download and upload speeds.

Monitoring And Security For Your Family

To keep your family secure online. View usage, manage limits, and automatically filter unwanted content.

Quality Routers, Hardware And Support

We provide quality routers, hardware and unparalleled technical support: safe, simple and secure. Mass-produced equipment provided free with your broadband is always going to be limited - so we don't do that.

Exceptional Customer Care And Protection

Customer Care and Support is paramount. Whether your issue is technical or you simply have a query, we have the support and the solution. We know when issues arise so we don't wait for you to tell us - we just get on with sorting it out.


Dedicated Business Broadband

Nationwide coverage, connection monitoring, secure and PCI compliant for wherever your business needs broadband - not just in the office. We can ensure superfast speeds and reliable performance.

Broadband VoIP IT Solutions | Tatton Tech | Robots

Broadband solutions tailored to your individual needs

Broadband VoIP IT Solutions | Tatton Tech | Guardog

Controllable Security and Accessibility

CCTV, Access Control, Security Products and Parental Control.

Broadband VoIP IT Solutions | Tatton Tech | Robot

Controllable Security and Accessibility

CCTV, Access Control, Security Products and Parental Control.

Broadband VoIP IT Solutions | Tatton Tech | Giraffe

Perfect for those hard to reach areas. Rural communities, events, construction sites and business parks.



Broadband VoIP IT Solutions | Tatton Tech | Pop-Up Toys

Pop Up

Ideal for construction sites and events. Mobile broadband when and where you need it.


Broadband VoIP IT Solutions | Tatton Tech | Kangeroo

Pop Up

Broadband solutions for shows, events, construction sites, and short term venues. Superfast, efficient, installed when and where you need it.